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Dear visitors and anons,

this wiki has been created after a great thread on 4chan's /x/ (Paranormal) board on 13/04/2008.

Its purpose is to slowly build a collection of [WWW]http://www.wikipedia.org articles with bri/x/worthy content. Such articles have topics like the paranormal (e.g. UFOs, monsters, etc.) in general, but also conspiracies, religion, creepy science experiments, etc.

Wikibri/x/'s purpose is not to create new content - our articles only link to Wikipedia articles, giving a short description of the content, or proposing an excerpt of the article, and - if possible - illustrating the topic with a picture (from the wikipedia page - those are usually not copyrighted; or a picture you took yourself).

Happy editing, and feel free to add content, but please refrain from screwing up this page (i.e. adding stupid content or deleting articles (or even posting CP...don't do it) - this is not /b/). Moreover, take care not to add duplicate items! Just use the "search" feature, it also performs a full text search.

For a more detailed list of the rules (which is neither exhaustive, nor definite at this point), go to this page.

Addendum: Why is this site called Wikibri/x/?
=> It comes from a famous meme on 4chan's /x/-board (for paranormal stuff): "When you see it, you'll shit brix!"

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